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Issue List

From the index you can see all of the issues currently in the system, and when logged in, all the issues currently assigned to you. These can be filtered by project and by open/closed status...


...or by using the advanced filtering and sorting functionality based upon the columns you choose to display.


Viewing an Issue

When viewing issues, standard information is shown in a small table at the top, with the most important details - description and comments - shown as the main content. You can subscribe to updates for individual issues and manage them from your user control panel.

Viewing an issue


See which issues are targetted for closure in a specific version of your project and how many of those have been completed from the roadmap.



Provide a changelog of issues that were resolved in a specific version of your project from the changelog view.


Issue Comments

Comments are added instantly as soon as you click the the Add button so that no page refresh is needed. This makes it quick and easy to add a note to an issue. Guests can post comments too or you can only allow logged in members to do so.


Issue History

The history keeps track of changes made to the issue, by whom, and when. Every action is logged and displayed when viewing the issue, under a collapsable header.

Custom Fields

Extend the default data collection abilities to obtain and store any information you need for your issues. Custom fields are added to the table as if they were default fields.

Custom fields

Use of AJAX

To speed up loading of data and to avoid some page refreshes, AJAX is used if the user has JavaScript available. If not, then Arctic is still usable with alternative pages taking the place of the JS automatically. - PHP scripts for webmasters