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Products and Pricing

We strive to provide high quality software and ongoing product growth at the lowest price possible. Our goal is to deliver great value and establish long-term, mutually-beneficial business relationships with all our customers.


  • FREE
    This is a RESTRICTED license. While the overall functionality is complete, it is limited to one project and one thousand issues. In addition, the majority of the files are encoded, so the application cannot be customized. However, the templates that define the HTML presentation are not encoded, so the appearance can be changed. While we will attempt to provide nominal assistance if you need help, there is no formal support included nor implied.
  • PAID
    This is a FULL license which is not limited in any way. In addition, only a small number of files are encoded (to prevent piracy) and the rest are full source. You are free to modify the code to meet your needs but acknowledge that there is no guarantee nor obligation that future Arctic releases will be compatible with any changes you may make.

    In addition, each paid license includes one year of support and product updates.

License and Terms

Whether free or paid, we provide only a license-to-use the Arctic software on a single computer. IN ADDITION, free licenses are limited to "one per organization"; evidence of multiple installations of the free license within the same organization may result in TERMINATION WITHOUT NOTICE of ALL free licenses within that organization.

No ownership, reseller, or distribution rights are conveyed.

Please take the time to review the complete license agreement. Also, please note the terms and conditions of our business relationship.


  • License
    • Free - No need to clarify: there is no cost.
    • Paid - $99.95
  • License Extras (for both free and paid licenses)
    • Installation - have an Arctic staff member install Arctic for you.
    • Credit Line Removal - Rights to remove the "Powered by Arctic" link and copyright notice from templates (internal source code copyright notices must remain). In effect, this delivers an "unbranded" version of Arctic for you to then present to your users in any way you wish.
  • Upgrading
    • If you try the free license and want to upgrade, simply purchase a full license using your existing customer account.
    • Only the license key needs to be installed; all your existing data will remain. Since offering a free license is part of our marketing strategy, we make upgrading as easy as possible ;-)
  • Support
    • Annual Term

NOTE: All prices are in US$.

Returns and Refunds

Since we provide a fully functional online demonstration system as well as a free version of the product for you to try, we do not extend refunds after a purchase is made. While examining Arctic prior to purchase, if you have any questions at all, please feel free to ask our support staff and we will do our best to answer them completely. - PHP scripts for webmasters