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Feature List

Arctic is designed to allow you to focus on resolving issues without having to deal with a complex interface or unnecessary features. Written in PHP with MySQL, Arctic is compatible with almost any operating system and web server.

Key Features

  • Simple Interface
    Based around XHTML templates for easy customisation, the interface provides you with all the information about each issue in an easy to read format. Careful use of of AJAX allows fast loading of data without the need for page refreshed with rollback capabilities if JavaScript is disabled.
  • Advanced Sorting and Filtering
    Set exactly which issues to display on your issue list by using the filters, data column selection and sorting functionality.
  • Group Based Project Permissions
    Set up multiple projects with multiple developers assigned to specific projects through group based permissions.
  • Custom Fields
    Extend the default data collection abilities by including custom fields of a number of different field types (drop list, text field, check box, URL etc) and then display them on the standard issue list in the order you want.
  • E-Mail Notification
    Control e-mail notification of new issues, updates, etc through plain text templates and subscribe to updates for specific issues.
  • Multi-Language Support
    Install multiple language packs and allow users to choose which language they wish to use.
  • API
    Insert and manage issues in the system externally from the Arctic interface by making use of the Arctic API (documentation here).
  • Technical Support
    Full support is provided via e-mail and, if needed, phone. Detailed documentation is also available.

Advanced Features

Especially for developers, the majority of the Arctic source code is viewable for modification and adaptation - only 5 files are encoded for licensing. The application has been designed around an object orientated MVC style kernel, developed in house. The entire application has also been security audited by Gulftech Research and Development to drastically reduce the chance of security vulnerabilities appearing in the product.

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